Hello everyone! This page will be dedicated to informing the Rutgers faithful about some of the more unknown events happening on and off campus here at Rutgers University. Rutgers hosts something almost every day, whether it is an athletic event, a musical performance, or a guest speaker; any given night a student can find some entertainment. Even off campus, basement shows and events at local businesses pop up frequently. However, many students spend their nights inside watching Netflix because they simply do not know some of the opportunities the university has to offer. Additionally, I will take a closer look into some of these events and provide a behind the scenes look at how they get produced. Many events here at Rutgers have are partially or completely run by students, this blog will also look into the students who make some of the great events happen. Overall, I hope this can reach out to Rutgers students simply looking for something to do.
Header image by geralt via pixbay CC0 Public Domain; Mr. Matte via Wikipedia Commons Public Domain; and Vraagten via Wikipedia Commons  Public Domain.