Audio Project.

Creating this podcast was very simple and fun. I presented it as a short conversation with whatever rutgers student is listening. I scratched the surface on all the amazing activities and events that are available to Rutgers students. I also provided a brief explanation of what the events entail and  provided my personal opinion of the event along with my personal experience.

I covered a few things that Rutgers students can do. My personal favorite is athletic events, which Rutgers has a lot of. You can find out more about these events right here. Rutgers can have an athletic event on any given day so it is good to have that on your mind just incase you are bored one day. Tickets are usually free for students and the student athletes would certainly appreciate the support.

I also discussed Rupa in my podcast. Their website can be found right here. Rupa sets up book a lot of events and provide many free or cheap shows that would be very expensive elsewhere. I personally love stand up comedy so I was thrilled when I was able to see John Oliver, Hannibal Buress, and Kumail Nanjiani through Rupa. It is a great organization that creates fun times for Rutgers students.

I also delved into some of the fun off campus activities available to Rutgers Students. The State Theatre, George Street Playhouse, and Stress Factory Comedy Club are just a few of the places you can see a show on George Street. And you can’t forget the Easton Ave Bar Crawl.

The last thing I discussed what the New Brunswick basement show scene. I recently went to a show in a venue called Nowhere USA. I really enjoyed myself so if you’re interested in hearing some new and local music, then click right here

I think creating this podcast, along with this link rich text post, is a great way for you all to find something to do at R.U.


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