About The Author

The process of making my header was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be. I had an idea in my head about what kind of header I wanted, I would have liked to have incorporated some images of rutgers events and students enjoying theses events. However, it was very difficult to find these specific images under the usage rules set for this class. I was able to find some images of other people having fun, but it just did not match the Rutgers theme of the blog. So, I decided to change my header entirely. I went for a much more simple design, I found a silhouette of a man thinking with a thought bubble coming out of his head, inside the thought bubble was a light bulb. I used Pixlr to erase the light bulb and replace it with a Rutgers block “R” followed by a question mark. I never used Pixlr before but I have used photoshop several times for work related purposes. Although it is not as flushed out as photoshop, it gets the job done. Also it is completely free with no download required which makes it very convenient.  I think my simple design does a really good job conveying the purpose of my blog. There was a bit of empty space in the bottom right corner of the header so I added a shortened version of my blogs name WTD@RU which I may incorporate as a hashtag once I start to write some blog posts and my blog begins to pick up steam. This project really got me thinking of how difficult it must be for any start up company with little money to generate or buy images. It seems that the pool of images with free use with modification is pretty small and lacks diversity.